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Shinsei Ju Jitsu is affiliated with the following national and international associations:

British Ju Jitsu Governing Body

This Governing Body oversees all aspects of Ju-Jitsu in Great Britain such as, establishing codes of conduct, standard practises, competition formats and rules, arranging group insurance policies for clubs within the Association, and certification of teachers and competition referees as well as registration of new clubs.

Sports Coaching certification for Martial Arts instructors is backed by the National Coaching Foundation, known as “Sports Coach UK”.

Ju-Jitsu Northern Ireland Governing Body

The Governing Body is the BJJGB delegated governing body in Northern Ireland for Ju Jitsu Martial Arts. The JJNI Governing Body has responsibility for promoting Ju Jitsu Martial Arts across the province and establishing competitions at a local, national and international basis.

Kilohana Europe

Kilohana Martial Arts association is a non-profit organization founded to perpetuate the teachings of Professor Kufferath, as well as to promote the study of other martial disciplines so as to provide the widest possible exposure to all aspects of martial arts for our members. Kilohana also encourages the discovery of the spiritual aspects of martial art and works diligently to foster a sense of community among other martial organizations and schools.

Bugei UK Organisation

The United Kingdom Bugei Organisation is a non-profit making multi style martial arts organisation, run by its blackbelt members for the benefit of all students of Martial Arts.

The United Kingdom Bugei Organisation recognises all Arts of Bugei (Martial Arts) and its aim is to help Clubs, Instructors and students recognise each other as all having something to offer.

United Nations Ju Jitsu

The United Nations of Ju-Jitsu is a non profit making organisation.

The United Nations of Ju-Jitsu was formed in 1991 when a group of Ju-Jitsu friends came together for a meeting held in Chiny, Belgium. It’s aim remains the same as on it’s first day to promote Ju-Jitsu through fraternity, solidarity and friendship.

World Ju Jitsu and Austrialia

The ever-increasing success of WJJF AUS / WJJ TDS is due to the high standards of teachings of the true WJJF syllabus, as designed by Soke Robert Clark. Our instructors are personally trained by Alan Campbell, who is one of the very few instructors who has the expertise and qualifications to teach up to the official WJJF 8th Dan syllabus. Alan Campbell was Soke Clark’s personal student for over 45 years.

 Shinsei Ju Jitsu Association

Unit 61 Dunlop Commercial Park
4 Balloo Road
County Down
BT19 7QY

September 2023

  Telephone: 07966964994