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Master Mark Nobel

Master Mark Nobel started formal martial arts in karate, wado ryu style in 1976. After 2 years transferred to jiu jitsu goshin ryu style training initially in Newtownards then Fazakerley, Liverpool under prof Clark.

In 1984 training for 6 years as Porfessor Clarkes direct student, he gained 1st Dan from Soke James Blundell.

He founded the Northern Ireland Ju Jitsu Association and was its first Chairman.
In addition was appointed director of the WJJF by Robert Clark as International coordinator and later founder and director of the WJJKO with G.S. Bertolletti and appointed chairman of the Martial Arts Commission by the sports council while holding the positions within WJJF/WJJKO

Mark is a true ambassador for Ju Jitsu travelling extensively across Europe, with Prof Clark and My later training and coaching in Russia, Romania, Hungary, china, India, Japan, USA, Spain and Italy.

Mark was honoured by prof Clark with 5th Dan in May 1991, followed by 6th Dan in April 1999 And 7th Dan in April 2005. Mark left WJJF Ni in 2000 but still trained privately with Robert Clark.

Mark now coaches with his personal student Sensei Stephen black at the original Bangor Ju Jitsu club that he founded in the old Castle leisure centre before its move to the current location in Balloo Drive.

Mark is chairman of the new governing body Ju Jitsu N.I. and looks forward to brining Ju Jitsu back to its membership working with Robert Clarkes original and personal students, Alan Campbell, his natural successor and personal student.

Alan and WJJF(Aus) awarded Mark his 8th dan in November 2016.

Master Stephen Black

Master Black has been training in the martial art for 35 years and teaching for 20 years at all levels. He is the chief instructor and   Founder of Shinsei Ju Jitsu Association NI in 2006 and has 375 members across 10 clubs, He holds the United Nations Ju Jitsu Country.Representative and N I Representative on the Ju Jitsu Technical  Committee for UK Bugei Organisation and Kilohana Europe. Master Black has been training for over 27 years and Black belt from March 1992, progressing from then through instruction by the late Professor Clarke and Master Mark Nobel being awarded 6th Dan May 2015 He has been in various Ju Jitsu technical committees both local and nationally. Involved in  teaching on and organising several events for charity and International Congress's and many coaching  courses at different levels.

Sensei Derek Marshall

Sensei Derek Marshall ha sbeen training for 15 years starting with WJJF and transferring to Shinei Ju Jitsu. In 2012 Sinsei Derek achieved his 2nd dan. Derek is a fully trained national level martial arts coach and has been teaching for 15 years in the art at all levels.

Sensei Joe Dolan

Sensei Joe Dolan has been involved in Ju Jitsu since 2005 starting in Bangor under WJJF Raymond Dorrian and transferring to Shinsei Ju Jitsu is 2007. He was awarded his black belt in 2012 and 2nd Dan in 2014. Sensei Dolan has been teaching martial arts for 5 years and is a fully qualified 3rd level sports coach.

Sensei Johnny Bradley

Sensei Johnny Bradley has been training in Ju Jitsu since 1993 in WJJF later transferring to Shinsei Ju Jitsu under Masters Mark Nobel and Stephen Black. He achieved his black belt in 1997 progressing through to 3rd dan by 2004.
fully trained Shinsei Ju Jitsu coach for 15 years.

 Shinsei Ju Jitsu Association

Unit 61 Dunlop Commercial Park
4 Balloo Road
County Down
BT19 7QY

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