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Weapons Class

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This traditional Japanese weaponry class introduces students to the following traditional weapons:-
KATANA and Bokken (wooden training sword)
The samurai sword was as much a reflection of the samurai’s spirit as was the code of bushido. The blade of pure tempered steel was imbued with the intrinsic soul of the sword smith who made it.
It was a work of art, an instrument of death and even a weapon that spared life. The blade was forged with religious ceremony and the sword smith purified himself before commencing the task. Blade is pure iron, the centre usually consisting of soft iron, While the outside was hardened steel. The combination created a flexible blade with a hard outer surface for cutting and blocking. The Smith beat then folded the metal many hundreds of times as he forged the blade, until it had stretched its full length. The next step is to create the shape of the blade by cutting and filing, then the blade was tempered the Smith coated the blade in clay, leaving less where the tempering was required most.
BO or Staff
The bo or wooden staff is the oldest weapon known to man, the warriors of mediaeval Japan knew it well and was adept in its use. The bo of Okinawa is about 1.8 m (6 foot) in length, with the ends tapering consistently so the weapon could penetrate the armour more easily. The rokushakubo and kon techniques were not designed or developed for the warrior class, but for the farmers and fishermen who needed protection capable of withstanding cuts from even the sharpest swords.
Jo-Jutsu or more commonly, known as Jodo was invented about 400 years ago by Muso Gonnosukke, A famous swordsman who after a fight with wooden swords which was won by the famous miymoto Masashi, Gonnosukke retired to a Shinto shrine where he practiced the art of the Jo. He then challenged Masashi,s to sword style and won. These exercises are now practised in the form of Kata.
Kama sickle was blade forged onto a stick at right angles farmers from Okinawa employed the kama as a weapon of combat. The kama sickle was originally used by the farmers as a cutting tool on their land.
The Sai emanated from the ryukyu islands where it was known as the jutte and was used with the natives whose weapons had been confiscated by the Japanese native forces.
TONFA and Nunchaka
The tonfa and the Nunchaka were used for cultivation, grinding and polishing off rice.
The tonfa consists of rectangular shaped piece of wood with a handle protruding from one side near the end. This too could be used effectively to defend a blow then strike an appointment after deflection.
The Nunchaku consists of two pieces of wood connected by the cord or chain. the wooden Parts were used to strike and the connection could be employed to bring a man off-balance. The chain or cord was also used for strangulation.

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